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Transforming Healthcare
in the Caribbean through Genomics

Join us on this revolutionary journey, where your unique Caribbean genetics plays a pivotal role in your health.

Welcome to CariGenetics

The world’s first genetic research company dedicated to understanding the unique DNA of Caribbean ancestry. Our groundbreaking studies and initiatives are not just about advancing science; they’re about championing the health and well-being of a community historically underrepresented in genetic research.

Did you know...

the vast majority of medications are designed based on European genetic data, which only represents 15% of the global population? This means 85% of the world, including those of Caribbean descent, do not have treatments designed for them. 

At CariGenetics, we're changing that narrative.

Our mission is to build a diverse genetic database of Caribbean people, the genetic melting pot of the world. This database will pave the way for more personalised and effective treatments for all.

Our 4 Company Pillars

Sustainable Healthcare

We’re dedicated to developing local expertise in genetic science within the Caribbean. By expanding local genomics capacity, we aim to ensure that precision medicine is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our region.

Data Autonomy & Security

Your privacy is our priority. That’s why we securely store all our data on a private cloud within the Caribbean, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and protection for your information.

Own Your Data & Profit From It

We at CariGenetics firmly believe that your genetic information is your own! Now, monetising your data is a choice we offer. Whether it’s through profit sharing or transforming your data into an asset that can be willed, you have complete control over your genetic DNA.

For Us, By Us

Our research is a Caribbean endeavour through and through – conducted for the Caribbean, by the Caribbean, in the Caribbean. We’re all about serving our community with research that truly understands and represents us.

The Power of Representation

We’re proud to be the only solo black female-founded genomics company in the world. Our founder’s vision to empower Caribbean research for the Caribbean, by the Caribbean, in the Caribbean, is a testament to the power of representation, innovation, and dedication.

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