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Video: BNV Interview With Dr Carika Weldon

Dr Carika Weldon will be joining Bernews at 6pm this evening [Oct 13] for the latest episode in the Bernews News & Views series.

Dr Weldon recently announced the launch of CariGenetics, which will focus on genomics research in the Caribbean and work in a strategic partnership with the Bermuda College and other institutions, with the first phase set to “produce the first high-quality reference genome of the Bermuda cahow.”

“CariGenetics has been created out of a worldwide need for data from the genomics research field for people of Caribbean descent,” Dr Weldon said earlier this week.

“The global genome database used for drug discovery does not have Caribbean people represented. This means drugs are not designed for us and in fact can cause adverse effects.

“It is possible to correct this, but only through empowering ourselves to do genomic studies for the benefit of our community and ensuring the data is fully owned by us.

“Our overall mission is to conduct genomic research in the Caribbean by the Caribbean for the Caribbean. We aim to unlock the Caribbean genome to improve health outcomes for all and protect our region from climate change.

The video will be live streamed below, as well as on Bernews YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.