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Genomes Partners With CariGenetics to Launch a Decentralized Lab for Breast Cancer Research is very happy to announce its partnership with CariGenetics, jointly opening a virtual laboratory to advance Breast Cancer Research in Bermuda.  

The launch of this partnership during Breast Cancer Awareness Month marks another step in realizing a mutual vision to make the genomics market more transparent and equitable for all. is a decentralized infrastructure of vaults developed and designed to hold wholly sequenced genomic data that provides full control to the individual owner of the DNA whilst not losing any of the benefits and insights of participating in scientific research. 

“Unfortunately breast cancer is the main cause of cancer deaths among Caribbean women, accounting for 14%-30% of cancer deaths and is two times higher in the Caribbean compared to the USA. Currently, there are 11 known genes linked to higher breast cancer susceptibility identified from European datasets; however, to date, there is no such study looking for novel Caribbean-specific genetic markers of breast cancer. The Caribbean genome is the unique result of generations of ethnic mixing between Africa, Indigenous America, Latin America, India and Europe. It is likely that this mixing has led to many distinct genetic predispositions that have yet to be found. As this project will establish an experimental pipeline for patient onboarding, sample collection, processing and data analysis with the potential to scale up to wider breast cancer cohorts throughout the Caribbean, it was extremely important to us at CariGenetics that control and ownership of the genomic data remain with the research participants. As we strive to correct the imbalance in health equity in the Caribbean, we could not think of a better partner to work with than, an organization that has transparency and equity at the center of its core values,” said Dr. Carika Weldon, CEO of CariGenetics. 

“We are excited to open this virtual lab and are happy to work with CariGenetics as our partner to launch this very first lab with. Our infrastructure will allow individual patients to retain control and commercial ownership over their data so they are informed on what is happening with their information at all times,” said Aldo de Pape, CEO of

CariGenetics is a genomics startup founded to conduct genomic research in the Caribbean by the Caribbean for the Caribbean. They aim to unlock the Caribbean genome to improve health outcomes for all and protect our region from climate change. This project set to use genetics to improve breast cancer control in Bermuda provided by CariGenetics has been approved for partial funding from the Innovation Programme managed by the Bermuda Health Council. Other project collaborators include researchers from Northeastern University, the Australian National University and the University of Southampton. 

The lab is expected to go live on the Genomes infrastructure in the first quarter of 2023.