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CariGenetics Lecture On DNA Data Ownership

CariGenetics will be hosting its second free lecture at the Bermuda College on Thursday, 9 March 2023 at the Athene Lecture Hall [H100] commencing at 6.30 p.m, which will feature Aldo de Pape, CEO of –the world’s largest user-owned genomics database.

A spokesperson said, “Mr de Pape will be discussing the ever-changing parameters of DNA data ownership in a rapidly evolving digital world: “We live in a rapidly evolving world that is becoming more digital by the day. Even though many of such technological changes offer great new insights and advantages to us, it also requires a new understanding on when & how to apply new digital tools so we can genuinely use them to our optimal benefit.

“One of the core assets in this entire digital evolution is YOUR data and what people can do with it. This is vital to know – especially when it comes to the most private piece of information you own: your genomic data [DNA], the blueprint to who you are. I am very much looking forward to this lecture and cannot wait to exchange ideas with you.”

Dr Carika Weldon of CariGenetics shared the importance of understanding the importance of DNA ownership, saying: “When I was born in 1990, the Human Genome Project, the first time all DNA data in humans was decoded, had not yet started. By the time I was 13, in 2003, the first human genome reference was completed. Three years later, at age 16, 23andMe was founded which transformed the access of DNA data to the average person.

“Now in 2023, anyone can find their ancestry and get their entire genome sequenced for under $1000. My entire lifetime has seen the transformation of DNA and its easy access by us all. Who owns your DNA data and how to secure it is of utmost importance and we believe educating the Bermudian public on what to consider when thinking of their DNA data ownership in this digital world.”

All are welcomed to attend this free lecture. It will also be live streamed via CariGenetics’ Facebok page.