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CariGenetics in the Community – Q1 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has been a busy one for the team at CariGenetics. In January, Dr Weldon spoke to aspiring scientists who attend the Bermuda High School’s Sixth form. She spoke to them about her journey as a scientist and why she founded the company–a great afternoon for everyone involved.

Did you know that Dr Weldon can sang! In January she was recognised by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda for raising the most money –$3,750–in its How Much Would You Pay To See Me challenge. Dr Weldon wowed the crowd at the last Harbour Nights in 2022 by singing Whitney Houston’s hit, I Will Always Love You.

In February, CariGenetics, along with one of its partners, Bermuda College, hosted its first public lecture, Exploiting Global Networks For the Fight Against Cancer, featuring Professor Zodwa Dlamimi of South Africa. The event was well attended with engaging questions from the Bermuda public.

Committed to supporting community initiatives, CariGenetics was the title sponsor for the President’s Dinner at the Somerset Cricket Club. Members of our team also served as judges at the annual Purvis Primary Science Fair.

As it celebrated Black History Month, Bermuda Institute invited Dr Weldon to be its featured speaker in their chemistry class.

To round out the month, CariGenetics was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with a number of community stakeholders to discuss representation of people of the diaspora where it pertains to environmental issues at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI).

During the month of March, Dr Weldon, the 2022 International Women’s Day (IWD) Bermuda Woman of the Year, handed the crown to Patrina O’Connor-Paynter, who was awarded the recognition in 2023. 

She also delivered an inspirational speech to students at Harrington Sound Primary. She shared with them how fun science can be and the different career opportunities awaiting them.

Dr Weldon also enjoyed the honour of being the guest speaker at the Bermuda Industrial Union’s 14th Annual International Women’s Day event where she was able to inspire women to continue “speak up” on the inequity we experience to ensure actionable change. 


CariGenetics hosted its second public lecture at the Bermuda College, featuring Aldo de Pape, CEO of, who discussed ownership of DNA data.

To round out the month, members of the CariGenetics team conducted a spring public school science workshop at the BUEI.


Author: Carla Zuill (Public Relations Officer)