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Strategic Partnerships

Our overall mission is a huge one to accomplish. We know to be successful we must work alongside industry, research and community partners. CariGenetics is pleased to partner with the following 7 organisations so far:

Bermuda College: The island’s primary tertiary education provider which provides the home of CariGenetic’s biodiversity research laboratory. In exchange, CariGenetics is able to bring scientific research opportunities for Bermudians both studying and working at the College.

Roche (Bermuda): Roche has grown into one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas. They have provided CariGenetics with the home of its human research laboratory. (UK): Provides a private and secure platform that uses DNA vaults to allow consumers to own their own DNA data. This approach ensures genomic equity amongst all participants involved in furthering genomic medicine. CariGenetics works with them to deliver equity on biodiversity data for the Caribbean and are trialing the human DNA Vaults.

Pan-African Cancer Research Institute (PACRI, South Africa): A centre of excellence dedicated to cutting edge integrated translational cancer research, education and clinical care with a vision of accelerating discoveries to prevent and cure cancer in the African region. Our partnership will result in the creation of the Bermuda Cancer Genome Atlas.

Sargasso MedTech International (Bermuda): A company which delivers disease diagnostics, therapeutics and transmission mitigation technologies at global scale with prices all nations can afford. Its partnership with CariGenetics will bring genetic diagnostics to underserved regions.

Nonsuch Expeditions (Bermuda): An NGO with an overall purpose of developing and leveraging technology to benefit nature and solve conservation challenges, whilst creating high-quality media for education, public engagement, and in support of policy making. Our partnership will help expand local biodiversity research capacity within South America, the Caribbean, and other Island Nations whilst capturing it all for future education purposes. 

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (Bermuda): A local NGO on a mission to nurture an appreciation for the ocean around Bermuda by offering Education and Experiences relating to our ocean, and through Exploration. CariGenetics will work with BUEI as a Eco School partner and on promoting genetics to young people with a burning curiosity for science.