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The past few months have been nothing short of exhilarating for the CariGenetics team, with numerous exciting projects in the pipeline. We’re bursting with updates to share with you! But first, a heartfelt thank you. Your unwavering support has been the wind beneath our wings.


For those who might be wondering about the essence of CariGenetics, let’s dive in:


We are the pioneering Caribbean-based genomics company, with a mission to delve deep into non-European genomes, aiming to enhance global health outcomes.


But why this focus?


“An astounding 85% of the global population, including myself, a Caribbean cancer research scientist, is overlooked when pharmaceutical drugs are designed.”


– Dr Carika Weldon, 

Founder & CEO, CariGenetics


Introducing our Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Pilot Study

We’re elated to unveil our groundbreaking Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Pilot Study. For the first time ever, we’re diving deep into the unique genetic variations of breast cancer in women of Caribbean ancestry.

This study, supported through funding from the Chronic Disease Innovation Programme managed by the Bermuda Health Council, aims to understand the genetic markers and differences associated with breast cancer in this specific demographic, potentially leading to earlier detection, better prevention strategies, and more effective treatments.

We need you to “Get in the Ring” with us, put on the pink gloves and help us fight! If you or someone you know meets the criteria below, please consider signing up for this historic study. 

Criteria for Participation:

Women aged 18 and over.

  • Diagnosed with breast cancer or have a history of breast cancer.
  • Ideally, all four grandparents should be of Caribbean descent.
  • Must possess full health insurance for potential follow-up testing.

For those interested in participating or learning more about this transformative study, please contact our project lead Nurse Fox at [email protected] or 441-621-6302.

Nurse Khamani Fox, BSN, RN

We’re thrilled to introduce Nurse Khamani Fox, BSN, RN, our new Clinical Operations Manager. With a rich background in nursing and a passion for public health, Nurse Khamani is the project lead for the Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Pilot Study. Her expertise and dedication are already making a significant impact, and we’re excited to see where her leadership thrive in this project.

Celebrating Our Summer Interns

This summer, we are privileged to have a group of talented interns grace our team. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Brianna Smith on her successful completion of The Department of Workforce Development (WFD) Summer Employment Programme with us. As she embarks on her journey to become a neuroscientist, CariGenetics stands firmly behind her, celebrating her commitment and passion.

Keiazia Burchall-Busby, having been trained by Dr Weldon in the government covid lab, has not only interned with us in the WFD Graduate Program but will continue to be a valuable member of the CariGenetics family. We’re elated that Keiazia chose to further her learning journey with us.

We also welcomed Zahari Burgess, an intern with a keen interest in biodiversity. He is diligently working on sequencing reference genomes for Bermuda’s ocean species. These species have been biobanked as part of the Ocean Genome Legacy Center, a Boston-based initiative at Northeastern University.

Lastly, our newest intern is D’Mori Harvey from the Family Centre’s ‘Building My Future’ Summer Internship Program. We’re excited to guide and mentor D’Mori as he navigates potential career paths in forensic and genetics.

Let’s Dive into Coral Reef Genetics!

In partnership with the 2 Frontiers Project (2FP) and BIOS, CariGenetics launched a local study that could help save coral reefs around the world which are being affected by climate change.

The reefs in Bermuda are so healthy. This poses the question: “In a world where reefs are dying, why are they so healthy here?” We are looking at what can make other corals healthy based on what we learn here in Bermuda.

Fully executed locally in Bermuda by Bermudians, the complete first phase was executed within 72 hours—in record breaking time—as a project like this would normally take months, and even years to complete. The training received by the 2FP staff, both on collecting the coral reef samples and the extraction of the DNA in the lab was invaluable and can be used many times again in the future.

CariGenetics in the Community

CariGenetics in the Community

Our debut at the Cup Match with the CariGenetics camp was a roaring success! Over two exhilarating days, we engaged with hundreds of attendees, spreading awareness about our mission. A massive thank you to the St. Georges Cricket Club for their unwavering support!

Conservation Genetics School Tour

CariGenetics successfully launched its first school tour, introducing Bermuda students to the captivating realm of conservation genetics and the cahow genetic project, funded by the Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) and the Atlantic Conservation Partnership (ACP).

The initiative offered hands-on sessions that ignited a passion for science among students. Tahdae Tucker, CariGenetics’ Laboratory Manager, and Tarik Bean-Darrell, CariGenetics’ Project Manager, emphasised the significance of presenting diverse scientific career paths to the Bermudian youth. This program is apart of our dedication to inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Bailey's Bay Cricket Club:

Undefeated Champions Sponsored by CariGenetics!

We are elated to announce our sponsorship of Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club for the 2023/2024 cricket season. It’s been an exhilarating journey watching the team display unmatched prowess on the field, leading them to be crowned the undefeated champions in the BCB 50 over Premier Division!

Their unwavering dedication, team spirit, and exceptional skills have truly made this season one for the books. CariGenetics is proud to be associated with such excellence and looks forward to more triumphant seasons ahead. Congratulations to Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club for this remarkable achievement!

More Ways to ‘Get in the Ring’

Your support and involvement are pivotal. Together, we can revolutionise genetic research and healthcare for the Caribbean community.

  1. Share our Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Pilot Study flyer below

  2. Express interest in future studies here

  3. Like, follow and share on our social media platforms.

For more details on our breast cancer project and how you can contribute, visit 

Warm regards,

The CariGenetics Team