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Trust Your Gut

CariGenetics is excited to present our Gut2Know kit, the first Gut Microbiome Analysis kit to be offered within the Caribbean. This innovative test offers you a personalised window into the intricate world of your gut microbiome.

Stool Collection


What’s measured?


Genetic sequencing is used to detect all the present bacteria in your gut that play a role in your gut health. Results are compared to a healthy cohort with scores given to show how close to a healthy gut you are.


What’s in My Kit?

1 set step-by-step instructions

1 tube filled with solution

1 sample return bag

1 stool collection paper

1 pre-paid return label and envelope

1 Latex Disposable Gloves

1 Cotton Swab

Why Gut Health Matters?

Maintaining good gut health involves adopting habits that support a diverse and thriving gut microbiome. This is something you’ve Gut2Know about!

How Does it Work?

1. Register Your Kit

Create an account on the CariGenetics website, enter your unique kit ID and complete the questionnaire.

2. Collect Your Sample

Collect your sample and mail within 48 hours using the provided pre-paid FedEx envelope.

3. Receive Your Result

Digital results and insights will be available on our secure portal within weeks.

Your Digital Results

Receive an easy-to-understand report with dietary recommendations to support gut health, tailored to your unique needs. Your report can be shared with your dietitian or doctor to help you make dietary choices that improve your gut health.

The #WeGut2Know National Health Challenge!

We’re on a mission to transform Bermuda’s health, one gut at a time. This innovative challenge is more than just a health initiative; it’s a community movement towards better understanding and improving our gut health.