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Transforming Healthcare
in the Caribbean through Genomics

Join us on this revolutionary journey, where your unique Caribbean genetics plays a pivotal role in your health.

THE Real World Evidence & Engagement Platform
FOR the Caribbean BY the Caribbean

A bold way forward that revolutionises healthcare for:


With access to on data + improved patient centred care.

Healthcare Systems

Ensuring effectiveness and safety of treatments suitable for the local population + cost savings.


For selecting market opportunities + evidence generation + increase speed of drugs to market.

Lack of Research is Limiting Medical Access

85% of the diverse global population is not included in efficacy and safety testing of drugs (mostly based on hite caucasians) ith increasing demand for phenotype and genetic data for pharma to improve clinical trials efficiency, safety and development of effective drugs.

At CariGenetics, we're changing that narrative through 5 sound pillars supporting our Platform.

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Let's transform healthcare for Caribbean people...together!

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