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Genetic Testing for a Better You

Discover your unique nutritional needs and how your body responds to different foods based on your genetics. Optimise your diet and eating habits to transform your wellbeing with Food4You.

Cheek Swab

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What’s measured?


Our Personality DNA test helps you discover 30 genetic traits related to your personality, mood, behaviour and character using a saliva sample. Learn how your DNA contributes to who you are, how you think and how you act.


What’s in My Kit?

1 set step-by-step instructions on box

1 consent forms

1 sample return coin envelope

1 pre-paid return label and envelope

1 cheek swabs

Why Choose PersonallyYou?

PersonallyYou is the first Personality DNA test to be offered within the Caribbean. What we think of as our personality is a combination of genetic factors, the impact of our experiences throughout our life, and the influence of the culture in which we live. This test aims to shed light on the genetic contributions to your personality, but it can’t totally define who you are. That’s up to you!

How Does it Work?

1. Complete Consent Form

Fill out and sign the consent form and place in pre-paid envelope.

2. Collect Your Sample

Collect your sample and mail it back to the lab using our pre-paid shipping envelope.

3. Receive Your Result

Digital results will be emailed to you within 4-6 weeks.

Your Digital Results

Your results will provide personalised insights that will guide you in better understanding who you are. It details Personality Traits, Mind Over Body, Information Processing, Mood, Addiction & Behaviour to help you better understand how your genetics influence who you are as a person.

Go Beyond Your Results with Expert Coaching

Want to better understand how your personality may affect your health and wellness goals? You can now unlock your potential by reviewing your PersonallyYou results with our experienced expert!

We have partnered with Coach Alex, Certified Health Coach at Primal Nation who can provide personalised guidance to help you interpret your results and bring the best out of you.

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