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At CariGenetics Limited (“us”, “we”, or “our”), it’s all about the customer experience! Whether you’re shopping for a genetics product or merchandise, it’s our duty to ensure your shopping experience with us is an awesome one.

Our service guarantees delivery of genetic tests with the highest quality and all reported items as described on the product page. If your order does not have all components, it can be reported to us through Chat Support or [email protected], so that we can investigate the claim further. It’s our duty to find any potential errors or inconsistencies in your experience and provide compensation if there is a valid error. 

The order should arrive with the exact items as requested per invoice placed by the customer. Should the order be damaged or incorrect, we will reimburse the customer upon verification of the issue.

A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts their issuing institution to dispute the charge for an order for a product or service they placed on our app. Chargebacks are also known as “charge disputes” which can be filed for a variety of reasons including the most common chargeback reason, unauthorized use of the credit card.

The following steps are taken to help prevent disputes:    
Upon Customer Dispute, each dispute will be handled by a member of our Customer Service team. The team member will then take the appropriate steps to verify the legitimacy of the customer’s claim. In addition, we are reachable by phone and email, all available online or through the app. All three parties receive the same invoice upon order request to ensure that there is an integrated communication about the exact order. All forms of communication will be recorded for customer satisfaction and any disputes that may arise. Any consumer who purchases products through the CariGenetics website, is doing business with CariGenetics Limited, a Bermuda registered company that offers genetic testing products and research. This is disclosed in our Terms & Conditions and upon checkout/invoice. In addition, Customer Service is accessible directly through our Chat Support service.